Convention Rules and Policies

Code of Conduct

  1. If you have any problems, questions, or concerns, please contact any staff member.
  2. Badges must be worn and all times and they must be visible. Badges will be checked at various checkpoints so you must have your badge ready and out for staff to check them.
  3. The use of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs on the premises is explicitly forbidden. Anyone found under the influence will be ejected and may be subject to law enforcement action.
  4. Acts of theft, vandalism and assault are forbidden. Such conduct will result in immediate ejection from the convention and violators will be prosecuted to full extent of the law.
  5. Any form of indecent exposure is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate ejection from the convention. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
  6. Littering is prohibited.
  7. Please do not block exits, aisles, hallways and other thoroughfares.
  8. No unruly, unacceptable or inappropriate behavior.
  9. No “Hugs” signs.
    – Offering hugs either at no cost or in exchange for goods / services, either verbally or through signage is explicitly forbidden.
  10. If you would like to hand out flyers, promotional items or other materials, please contact a staff member beforehand for permission.
  11. You are not allowed to sell any goods or services on premises unless you have purchased space within the Dealers Room / Artists Alley or have explicit written permission from a SpringFestNY staff member.
  12. Please be courteous and respectful of others. Remember there may be children present.

Dress Code / Props & Weapons Policy

  1. ALL PROPS must be inspected upon entering the premises by a SpringFestNY staff member.
  2. NO LIVE METALS will be permitted on premises, without exception. “Live metals” are defined as:
    1. Swords, bayonets, and knives (regardless of whether or not they are sheathed)
    2. Star knives and shuriken
    3. Metal armor, including chain mail
    4. Other objects made of metal which can take an edge. This holds true regardless of whether the object is actually sharp. This also include large metal object such as sign posts.
    5. Sharp metal studs on costumes or other metal components of costumes/props.
  3. NO PROJECTILE WEAPONS OF ANY KIND will be permitted. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    1. Paintball / Airsoft guns
    2. BB and other pellet guns
    3. Crossbows, dart guns, and blow guns
    4. Water guns and/or pistols
    5. Stun guns and tasers
    6. Actual firearms of any sortThe only exceptions to this rule are items which meet all of the following criteria:
      • Easily identifiable as either toys, models or replicas
      • Posses no moving parts and firing mechanisms
      • Posses a clearly visible, orange non-removable plastic tip in the case of fake guns.
      • Does not violate any other provision within the Props & Weapons Policy
  4. NO “PADDLES” of any sort will be permitted at the convention.
  5. NO NUNCHAKU flails or meteor hammers of any kind will be permitted.
    1. NUNCHAKU are defined as two sticks or other bodies connected at their ends with chain or rope. Two bodies or sticks can be made of any material of any shape.
  6. NO EXLOSIVES, PYROTECHNICS, or INCENDIARY DEVICES of any kind are permitted. This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Smoke powders or smoke grenades
    2. Flash paper, sparklers or fireworks of any kind
    3. Molotov cocktails
  7. Misuse of a weapon or prop, such as swinging it in a public area or posing a hazard to others, will result in the weapon or prop being deemed unsafe for the convention, and you will be asked to remove the item from the premises or check it into bag check for a fee.
  8. All props and weapons brought into the convention may be inspected for policy compliance by authorized staff at any time, including those that may have had prior approval at SpringFestNY or any other convention.
  9. Any item that poses a potential safety hazard may need to be removed from the convention.– This includes any costume, prop, or accessory that obstructs doors or hallways, or otherwise poses any kind of danger to other attendees, staff, or property.
  10. Props longer than 6 feet in any dimension are not permitted and you will be asked the remove the item from the premises or check it into bag-check.
    Remember: Just because a staffer has not stopped you to check your item does not mean that the item is allowed.
  11. Any item or behavior that is restricted by the facility hosting SpringFestNY or is illegal within the City of New York or the State of New York is explicitly forbidden at SpringFestNY.
  12. No cosplay consisting exclusively of pasties and/or body paint is permitted.
  13. Cosplayers are asked to cover up during the convention if their cosplay consists of things such as but not limited to:
    1. Bikinis / Underwear
    2. Swim Shorts / Boxers