The Big Anime Game Show

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About a month ago, we announced that despite the cancellation of SpringFestNY 2016, we would be holding smaller events. Today, we’re proud to announce that this line of events, SFNY Live!, is ready to launch with its first production, The Big Anime Game Show!

The Big Anime Game Show is a FREE event that will be held on Saturday, April 9, 2016. Now you might be thinking, “Have you gone mad!? Not only is this a FREE event but it’s also not an anime convention! What’s the catch?”. Fortunately, there is no catch. We’ve missed our community and we hope that the community has missed us too. That’s why we decided to host a more intimate get together at no cost.

So what exactly is The Big Anime Game Show?

It’s exactly as its name implies, a game show where audience members can compete to win prizes. The show is formatted similar to the Price is Right with different segments and may be live streamed on Youtube and/or Twitch.

Seating will begin at 1 PM and the show starts at 2 PM. After the show, stay for our Rave (being presented by PAS) at 8 PM! Cosplay is welcome but it must follow our standard Dress Code / Props policies.

Tickets are limited to 300 and are available at no cost, reserve your ticket today!

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