Cosplay Contest & Masquerade

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A convention just isn’t complete without having its own cosplay contest! This year our cosplay contest & masquerade are being held on Sunday. Be sure to come and check out the talent contestants!

Those interested in entering the contest instead of watching can enter by filling out this convenient form.

Meet Our Judges


Bucky My name is Nicolas (Nick/Nic) Cottone but many people know me as Bucky, Captain America’s sidekick that hardly anyone knows exists. I’m 19 now, but I started cosplaying in middle school and don’t plan on stopping any time soon! Anime and Comic books have always been top on my interest list and my favorite anime of all time is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. I enjoy cosplaying because it’s fun to put on a mask and be someone else for awhile! I love to try and take the character right off of the page and make fiction into reality!



Dolly Love Cosplay Hey, my name is Dolly of DollyLove Cosplay! I have been cosplaying for about 5 years. All my costumes are handmade and produced by me with occasional help from cosplay teams. I am a true Otaku at heart but an even bigger gamer. Cosplay has inspired me to be myself and grow as a well rounded human being. What better way to feel confidence then to dress up as your favorite badass. I generally focus most of my work on gaming but have recently branched off to some anime characters. I have only one motto for myself in this community and that is to always live as a cosplayer and not model! This is a lifestyle I intend to keep up for as long as my hands can sew, mold and create. I hope to inspire more girls with every body type and style to try a career in cosplay whether you are a geek for space or for Pokémon!


Pixie Belle

Pixie Belle Gwynn My name is Pixie Belle and I am a cosplayer from Long Island. I have been cosplaying since 2008 with my first con being New York Anime Fest.I’m a cartoonist and a crafter so I try to make as much of my cosplays as I possibly can from scratch. I usually tend to do older anime cosplays as well as video games and comics. My list of characters always happens to be more geared toward the nostalgic value rather then what is currently popular though occasionally I will do a newer anime character. but they are all characters I love.



Yuumimi I started cosplaying around 5 years ago. I bought my first cosplay and it stunk very much.I kept watching anime and trying to imitate what I saw other cosplayers doing and I gained my skill in sewing from there.I think I’ve done pretty okay so far, but I’m not the perfect cosplayer. I mostly cosplay from Vocaloid, which I love and it has alot of cosplaying options. My cosplay experience mainly evolved this past year, meeting new friends that love to cosplay as much as I do. The best new cosplay experience from the previous year was cosplaying the Eternal Sailor Scouts at NYCC 2013 with Dolly love cosplay and Pixie Cosplay. We were very well received and that made me very happy inside. I proved most of all to myself that cosplay isn’t perfect until your having fun.