Ideas for Panels

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Having trouble with coming up with a Panel/Workshop Idea? Here are some ideas our staff came up with! If you’re interested in hosting one of these panels fill out the panel application form.

Anime Panels

The Good and Bad of Attack on Titan
A discussion on the good, the bad and the ugly of this highly popular anime.

Mystery Theatre 3000/Live Dubbing Panel
A live dubbing of various anime clips from classic to the modern.

Anime: A Year in Review
A panel reviewing 2013 Anime discussing: What was hot in anime, what we hated about this year, and where did all of this fanservice come from?

Anime Music Video (AMV) Contest
Contest to showcase the best of the best Anime Music Videos!

Culture Panels

Tea Workshop
An educational panel on the history and traditions of tea.

International Asian Festivals Panel
Showcase the various festivals found in East Asian cultures.

Collegiate Anime Club Culture
How has the culture between college anime clubs evolved over time?

Japanese Maid Culture Panel
An informative session on the beginning and evolution of popular maid culture.

Music K-POP: Hallyu Wave
Discuss the culture and style of K-Pop and how the Hallyu Wave impacted America.

ParaPara Dance Workshop
An educational dance workshop on the popular dance style: ParaPara.

Track Music and Vocals Workshop
A workshop on how to use the Vocaloid program.

Music: A Year in Review
A review of the music of 2013 ranging from K-Pop to J-Pop to Anime OST.

Cosplay Panel

Lolita Panel
A panel discussing the Lolita culture in America and Japan.

How To Cosplay Without Breaking the Bank
Informative panel on how to be a good looking cosplayer without paying too much out of pocket.

Gaming Panels

Game Dev 101
Tips and tricks on how to develop a good and well-balanced game while discussing some game theory concepts.

How To Get Into The Fighting Game Community
Panel to discuss the Fighting Game Community in New York City, events happening in the city, and how to be a part of it.